Please don’t theme our apps - An open letter from independent app developers to the wider GNOME community

It is a reasonable request in terms of a conversation. Please read the full article before commenting. I’m interested to see what Ubuntu devs and Yaru community think on this front since branding is obviously of importance.

It doesn’t bother me, but I see where you are going so I will promote it.

I do not see any real world application in the list. There is no Nautilus or other daily-drivers here.

If Ubuntu users want to use dark themes, they should be able to do so.
You should not dictate them which background and foreground colors, borders, window frames to use.
I’ll ignore non-customizable applications from such smart new-edge developers …
Such developers look (or wanting to be) younger than whole GNU/Linux desktop community.
Personally I’ll not respect their decisions. The really needed thing is to not to hardcode colors into the source-code. The user should be able to change themes with colors and other properties of graphical elements.

The desktop environments in Linux and BSD are highly customizable from very old years.
Breaking this rule will convert Linux to just another stupid flat and ugly Windows 10.
And as the result the’fied applications will look ugly and inconsistent with user preferred theming.

Ans it is great, that this is not related to official GNOME position (qoute from green site is below):

Note: Even though some of us are Foundation members or work on GNOME, these are our personal views as individuals, and not those of the GNOME Project, the GNOME Foundation, or our employers.


I’m told that folks in the Ubuntu dev community are already discussing this issue with folks from the Gnome design community. Calmly and constructively.

So there seems no need for this thread, and it’s associated mystery and drama.

Happy to reopen when a consensus is reached.