Patch Pilot Hand-off 24.04

  • ldapscripts LP: #2049311 / MP 458569 a sync was already sponsored, so unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors from the bug and marked the MP ‘Disapprove’
  • rsyslog LP: #2045033 / MP 458725 the merge already sponsored, so set the bug status to ‘Fix Committed’ and marked the MP ‘Approve’
  • cunit LP: #2049554 reviewed and sync’d
  • freeradius LP: #2042824 / MR 458744 reviewed and sponsored SRU
  • iptables LP: #2049318 reviewed and sponsored SRU
  • There was a request on irc to help diaspora-installer migrate, it had been removed from the archive and had previous autopkgtest results, but migration-reference/0 tests did not help. Added a hint to allow it to migrate
  • #2046871: unsubscribed sponsors given there are two unanswered path pilot comments already
  • xorg tearfree debdiff: out of my depth there, just added a simple comment, asked to rebase to noble-proposed, and subscribed @tjaalton
  • #2039873: reviewed the noble debdiff, asking for changes to the DEP8 test.
  • apparmor userns for systemd-coredump: this looks OK now, changing just systemd-coredump's apparmor profile, but the security team should have the final say. Left my non-security +1 in the MP.
  • #2049188: just flipped the bug status to “fix committed”. The sponsorship report page I was following still had this in the queue, but it was already uploaded a few hours ago.
  • #2049715: was already uploaded by the time I got to it in my shift, but I noticed that the linked MP had a bug in that it still had UNRELEASED in d/changelog, but LP accepted and built the package even so.
  • lektor MP: requested forwarding to debian, and DEP3 headers in the patches
  • LP: #1971547 – cyradm fails on jammy; sponsored
  • LP: #2044264 – mmv aborts with realloc; sponsored
  • LP: #1875642 – FSVS - not able to commit changes to http SVN repo – reviewed and suggested minor change, but if that can be addressed this should be good to sponsor
  • LP: #2039873 – liblxc-dev built with LXC_DEVEL=1 – reviewed current status; agreed quick-fix for LXC_DEVEL=1 is preferable way forward, suggested minor fix to DEP-8 test to check runtime files, not build-time, and addressed a minor build-failure on noble. Will sponsor for noble if someone can do a quick review of the changes
  • MP #2050390: Left a comment asking the submitter to mention the bug being fixed in the changelog.
  • MP #458934: Left comments requesting improvements to the MP.
  • MP #459015: Left a comment asking for DEP-3 headers + some clarification re. the MP description.
  • ltrace: already uploaded; marked MP as Merged
  • xorg-server “tearfree”: this has been in the queue for a while and commented on by various people. The issue is that it is (good) original work that really belongs upstream rather than in a distro patch with a maintenance burden. Previous pilots have tried to help in this direction, but ultimately it doesn’t really belong in the queue since there is no action to take in Ubuntu. I marked the MP as “Work in progress” with an explanation and instructions on how to put it back in the queue again if the submitter needs.
  • liblxc-dev LXC_DEVEL=1: again this has been commented on by various pilots. @waveform kindly said he’d take another look, rather than me adding yet another cook to spoil this broth.
  • lektor update for werkzeug: again this has been commented on by previous pilots. The issue I have with sponsoring this is that it doesn’t seem to be possible to reconcile the patch against the upstream it is claimed to came from. I asked for details, and queried why we aren’t taking the upstream maintenance release that includes the necessary fixes.
  • onionshare update for werkzeug: I asked about appropriate testing on this. Sure, it might make dep8 tests pass, but if we’re pushing ahead with selecting backports from upstream, does it actually fix the issue such that the app works again, and what’s the plan to verify this? I left a comment.

Some observations

The werkzeug work is important, but I wonder if it stretches a little beyond the capabilities of patch piloting. Same for liblxc-dev where the bug seems to have gone into a tangent about making more significant packaging updates than a simple patch.

I also noticed that the ~ubuntu-sponsors MP slot is being taken and thus MPs are disappearing from the queue. I’ve commented about this before but there was no further discussion on this point. I think I will probably just change the bot and queue to use ~ubuntu-sponsors-reporter when I get round it to work around this issue as I suggested. In the meantime, I think MPs are still being lost from the queue.

Sponsored fsvs, dotnet8 and lcov. Also investigated gettext which sadly had already been sponsored without git-ubuntu.

Looked at openssh, cinder and mutter but didn’t feel up to reviewing those more complex merges today.

Short flight today:

  • Sponsored google-guest-agent for @kajiya on Friday(?), looks like @ahasenack sponsored a followup with some minor tweaks. I’ve reviewed those tweaks and now understand what I was missing on my end; thanks for the followup, I’ll be happy to sponsor the SRUs too if needed.
  • I’ll volunteer to take ruby3.1, assuming @adrien can come up with a followup diff. :smile:
  • Sponsored linux-media-player for sudip, that’s in the Jammy queue.

I’d recommend python-uefivars as a starting point for the next pilot.


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Many things from the sponsoring report are currently in-flight and I was mostly side-tracked helping out with the time_t transition NMUs in Debian, so didn’t get a lot of stuff done, but at least I could clean up a little bit:

  • MP#458934: Clear onionshare vs python-werkzeug 3.0 MP, it has been resolved via Debian experimental
  • MP#458931: Clear lektor vs python-werkzeug 3.0 MP, it has been resolved via Debian unstable
  • MP: #458533: Reviewed, will sponsor once it’s ready to go

Minor housekeeping on open bugs and MPs. Open context:

IRC activity: handover comments between pilots. No users’ questions/requests.

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  • Looked through the walinuxagent merge, but it seems Lucas has things well in hand there, and given the complexity of the patch I’m inclined to wait for his review of Calvin’s recent revision before taking any further action.
  • LP: #2039037 – Reviewed optee-test-s32 and left some suggestions and requests
  • LP: #2034650 – Reviewed and sponsored uboot-s32 with some minor adjustments to the changelog
  • Skipped the no-esm merges as those are pending reviews from specific interested parties
  • LP: #2051908 – Reviewed; pending concerns from prior reviewers, unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors until these are addressed
  • LP: #2051270 – Reviewed and sponsored sysdig SRU
  • LP: #2040059 – Reviewed and intending to sponsor sagemath pending a local build; would be a no-change rebuild but for a horrid need to bump the arbitrary “tolerated build failures” number (but given that’s already 200 (!) by default, and the application is in a completely-broken-won’t-even-launch state, what’s 30 more … urgh!)

Started this at 47 items, with lots over 1 week or even 2 weeks old…

Then I ran out of the allocated time so no more :frowning:

Extra sponsoring post shift for Foundations uploads to get queue size more managable:

Syncs I did after, out of order:

  • Mark pexpect as ‘Fix Released’, already got sync’ed
  • Sync libunivalue from unstable, delta applied in Debian
  • Sync spirv-tools from unstable, delta applied in Debian
  • Sync digimend-dkms from unstable, delta applied in Debian
  • Sync cpp-httplib from unstable, delta not needed any more
  • Review & sponsor lptools, incl. git-ubuntu history
  • Review & sponsor vtun fix
    • Also sponsor corresponding SRUs to Mantic, Jammy, Focal
  • Unsubscribing ~ubuntu-sponsors from ncurses fix, which already got sponsored
  • Unsubscribing ~ubuntu-sponsors from faketime fix, which already got sponsored
  • Review, fixup & sponsor asterisk-espeak fix
  • Unsubscribing ~ubuntu-sponsors from gdb fix, which already got sponsored by doko
  • Quick initial feedback on newt merge
  • Review & sponsor digimend-dkms SRU for Jammy
  • Unsubscribe ~ubuntu-sponsors from openjfx FTBFS, which already got fixed

Kudos to Sudip Mukherjee for preparing some very nice patches!

+1 on Sudip Mukherjee preparing great patches!

  • Review and sponsor of walinuxagent MP.
  • Review of pmount MP.
  • Review of dart et all package updates proposed in this LP bug.
  • Started to review the lcm update proposed here but this is a big change, no time to finish it.

Handover context: @bluca is likely to provide more info, we should look at the bug/MP again.