Pairing a bluetooth keyboard on a dual boot machine

Hello there,

So long story short I have a dual boot laptop (win 10 pro / ubuntu 20.04 LTS) and i’ve got a bluetooth keyboard (logitech k380) but every time i switch OS i have to pair again on whatever OS i booted on.

I’ve followed this tutorial here but on step 4.1 i get this message sudo edit /var/lib/bluetooth/34\:F3\:AA\:AA\:AA\:AA/linkkeys Error: no write permission for file "AA:AA:AA:AA/linkkeys' (No such file or directory)::/var/lib/bluetooth/34:F3:AA:AA:AA:AA/linkkeys" so i’ve tried to do an ls on that path

$ sudo ls /var/lib/bluetooth/34:F3:AA:AA:AA:AA ls: cannot open directory '/var/lib/bluetooth/34:F3:AA:AA:AA:AA': Permission denied

Any suggestions?