Package maintenance

Package maintenance

We integrate all our documentation about development, our processes, our tools and infrastructure into our Development Guide to make it a pleasant read and useful resource. It is available in several other languages too. Start with the following articles:

Get in touch!

You will always find fellow Ubuntu developers who can help you if you should get stuck somewhere. If you like real-time chat, you might want to join #ubuntu-motu on Should you prefer email, you can sign up for the ubuntu-motu mailing list – especially if you have a problem which requires more explanation, then this method of communication is likely to be of use.

Stay up to date!

Follow the @ubuntudev social media account to stay up to date on events, initiatives and general news. We post regularly on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We have a Google+ community too.

Don’t be shy to ask questions. We feel our documentation is doing a good job already, but you will probably still have questions in the beginning. Everybody on the team is very friendly and happy to share their experience, so get involved and join us.