Overwriting files on the BTRFS file system on Kubuntu 23.10 == CRASH

I would like to escalate a major Kubuntu bug where the user will trigger a crash whenever:

  • The user is using a KIO-based file manager application(e.g. Dolphin)
  • The user is attempting to overwrite a file that is residing in a BTRFS file system(and choosing YES on the confirmation prompt)

This scenario is very likely to occur as overwriting files is a common file management operation and the BTRFS file system is a relatively popular file system to choose from (albeit not currently supported by the new Ubuntu installer).

The bug is already fixed in the upstream(474451 – Crash overwriting files), backported patches are available in the downstream bug report(Bug #2039765 “crash in file_unix isOnCifs if checked against btrfs(when overwriting files in btrfs on Dolphin)” : Bugs : kio-apt) but hasn’t been merged yet. Is there any way to facilitate the fixing of this bug?

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