Overlaying content (rather than pushing up) with ubuntu-frame-osk

Hi @alan_g,

This seems to be solved, since we cannot reproduce this on the same hardware as before.
Now i have another question. When opening the OSK is pushing the web browser content up. is there an option to make it overlay instead of pushing ?


The problem with that would be that the input field may well end up behind the OSK, you wouldn’t see what you’re typing. In the ideal case the OSK would communicate with the application that it’s covering (a part of) the application’s content, and have the app react accordingly, but that would require changes across the stack.

Hi @saviq,

I agree with you but sometimes you prefer to have it overlay or some people prefer like that.
That’s why i was asking

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Hi, can you tell me how the keyboard decides whether to overlay the UI, or push it up? We use two different sites with the Mir web kiosk, both are Blazor SPA’s. On one of them the keyboard clearly overlays the page, on the other it pushes the page up and causes a scrollbar to appear.

@dyslerman, when showing the OSK, Frame always resizes the application window. (I assume you mean wpe-WebKit-Mir-kiosk?)

I can only guess that the websites you are comparing handle resizing their window, and do so differently.