OSX: Instance not running on Reboot in one Host

I have installed Multipass 1.3.0+mac version on two Macs that I have.
I have provisioned an Ubuntu instance on both of them.

I notice a difference in behavior on reboots:

  • On one Mac on reboot I see the Ubuntu instance is in running state
  • On the other Mac on reboot I see the Ubuntu instance in stopped state

I tried to find documentation on how to control this.
Can you please shed light on what is causing this difference? In terms of need I would like the instance Ubuntu to be in running state in both the Macs on reboot.


Hi @pavibhai, after you reboot — or whenever the multipass daemon otherwise restarts — existing instances should resume (or maintain) their previous state. So I suppose the VM was stopped in one case and running in the other, before the reboots. Was that not the case?

Hi @ricab,

Just tested this again to be sure.

Before reboot the VM was in running state, but after reboot on the mac with the issue the VM is in stopped state.

So in both the cases the VM was in running state before the reboot, but in one it comes up in stopped state while in the other it comes up in running state.

I have to do

multipass start

After that the VM is fine.

Sorry to hear that @pavibhai, that’s not what’s supposed to happen. I believe I have seen similar issues in the past where the VM was started but crashed. I wonder if that is what you’re experiencing.

Would you mind opening a new issue and include the logs for the daemon and the instance? You can copy-paste the description above and link back to this post. Thank you!

thanks @ricab I have raised the issue.

I did notice while gathering the logs that the attempt to start the VM fails with the following error

[2020-07-18T03:48:01.716] [info] [dvm] process state changed to Running
[2020-07-18T03:48:01.761] [error] [dvm] hv_vm_create unknown error -85377023
[2020-07-18T03:48:01.761] [error] [dvm] process error occurred Crashed
[2020-07-18T03:48:01.761] [info] [dvm] process state changed to NotRunning
[2020-07-18T03:48:01.761] [info] [dvm] process finished with exit code 6

Which does not occur when I manually start the instance.

I will post an update based on the issue resolution.

Thank you @pavibhai, that’s what I suspected. OK, let’s follow this issue over there.