The Open Source Community Africa Festival (OSCAFEST) is a prestigious yearly conference that garners a significant turnout of students, developers, designers, and corporate entities. It encompasses an array of talks, workshops, and initiatives aimed at promoting the growth of open source culture, contribution, development, community, etc., across the continent.

Canonical is a proud sponsor of this year’s conference and will be providing multiple talks and workshops:

  • Andreea Munteanu will be presenting a fascinating talk on decomplexifying data science using MLFlow.
  • Sergio Schvezov will be hosting an exciting, hands-on workshop on building Snap Applications.

While you are there be sure to stop by the Ubuntu booth for a chat and pick up some Ubuntu themed swag for your collection. Just look for the bright orange booth!

Looking to volunteer or just want to engage with the Ubuntu community? Sign up on our OSCAFEST events page.