OS Feedback, where to post?

I’ve recently post two topics on Desktop section, suggesting improvements to level Ubuntu OS usability and it was moved as it was support request. Is there any place to input this kind of feedback here? Thank you

Looking at your two previous posts, personally I’d suggest going upstream to the GNOME desktop project.


“OS Feedback” can vary widely. Since there is no “customer service” frontend (you’re not a customer) to route messages for you, it’s really up to you to figure out what kind of feedback you are offering, and where it belongs.

  • “Hey, this is broken or unexpected” is usually a bug. Put it on the Bug Tracker.

  • “I fundamentally disagree with this design decision” is a topic for whatever upstream project made that decision. Take it to their mailing list or forum.

  • “How do I do this?” or “How do I troubleshoot this?” or “What upstream project handles this?” are requests for support and training. Ask those first in a support venue. If nobody answers in 24 hours, then bring it here. If you get a real answer but you don’t like that answer, then we can discuss it but you probably won’t like the answer here any better.

  • “This idea will Change The World”…well, maybe. And maybe not.

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