Opsmaru and "Failed getting remote image info"

I bought new dedicated server.
I installed Debian 12 on it.
I installed LXD and opsmaru repo with my own key (however I use it now on second server).
And when I try instal any distro I get error:

Error: Failed instance creation: Failed getting remote image info: Failed getting image: The requested image couldn’t be found for fingerprint “centos/8-Stream”

I tried to downgrade snap to 5.0.2 by
snap refresh lxd --channel=5.0/stable --cohort=“+”
but this command has stuck on:
Start snap “lxd” (27948) services /
Start snap “lxd” (27948) services \Start snap “lxd” (27948) services

:frowning: eh…

Please can you try our new image server New LXD image server available (images.lxd.canonical.com)

Which lxd version are you running now with the issue?

Depending on the version you are running you won’t be able to downgrade due to db schema changes.

LXD ver is:
lxd 5.20-f3dd836 27049 latest/stable canonical✓ -

lxc remote remove images
lxc remote remove opsmaru
lxc remote add images https://images.lxd.canonical.com --protocol=simplestreams

and it works :slight_smile:

And that repo is better because I have Rocky Linux!

Cheers LXD team!


This new remote is built in from lxd 5.21.0


That error looks like you are not referencing the image correctly.

IF you are using opsmaru remote, you need to prefix opsmaru:centos/8-Stream

lxc launch opsmaru:centos/8-Stream c1 as an example.

But I see you’ve got the official image server working.