Open application indicator

Dash to Dock implemented where it takes the dominant color of application icons. Really looks great, and in my opinion I prefer that than the just an orange dot. Any plans on Ubuntu Dock inheriting that feature?

Since which version is this available in dash to dock?

The latest that’s available in 19.04. Not sure which version that is.

TBH, I prefer the orange dot. much cleaner and elegant IMHO…


If it’s in the latest dash to dock, one should be able to change this via dconf editor
I’ll check in my VM
But the default should stay the dots
But I think Ubuntu could add an option for this in
gnome settings -> dock

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Adding that option in gnome settings -> dock would be great. Another option I enabled ‘Minimize or Show Preview’. Works really well, when there is only one instance of window, clicking on it on the Dock minimizes it, but if that multiple instance then it shows previews.

when you have 2 instances of an app you have 2 dots, how to do following your suggestion?


Actually it is built in. The single long line gets broken in 2 (or however many windows of the same application you have open).