Onscreen keyboard mess

I tried support platforms and was told that onscreen keyboard won’t appear all the time even if you enable it through accessibility. I have experienced it first hand on a laptop where the keyboard is dead. Is it going to be the same in 18.10 ? No fix ?

Which keyboard do you use? Caribou? Afaik Gnome Shell has a built-in OSK in version 3.30, thus caribou was dropped.

I am using whatever that is shipped with Ubuntu. I have not made any changes.

Then the good news is that 18.4 shipped with Caribou which is now retired in 18.10. Make sure that it is removed porperly.

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If you are using Ubuntu, enable OSK and try replying to this thread using OSK without touching physical keyboard. You will know what I mean about 18.04.


If you haven’t already then please make sure a bug is open for this issue in launchpad. To open one, please run:

ubuntu-bug gnome-shell

Then add tag osk and more details about the problem you are facing.

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OnScreen Keyboard missing- Bug #1798227