Official Ubuntu LXD images for PPC64LE post move to Canonical

Hey there! I just across the blog post that announces the move of LXD under Canonical. One point under that blog concerns me. Under the expected changes section is a point that reads

Image building for Linux Containers will no longer be relying on systems provided by Canonical, limiting image building to x86_64 and aarch64.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but does this mean Ubuntu will no longer provide LXD images for the Power (ppc64le) architecture?


Canonical provide the official Ubuntu images via the ubuntu: remote, to see whats available use:

lxc image list ubuntu: | grep ppc64le

There have been no changes there, and indeed there are Ubuntu images for ppc64le available.

The announcement was only in relation to the images provided from the images: remote (which is not maintained by Canonical).

And it doesn’t appear that there are any ppc64le images there anymore:

lxc image list images: | grep ppc64le

Yeah, I figured that was the case but didn’t want to leave it to chance! Thanks for the confirmation @tomp!

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