Office Hours 7 June 2024: Documentation as code

Documentation as Code

In this office hours, Robert demonstrates some of the advantages and challenges of treating and working with documentation as you might source code.

Huge thank you to @rkratky for putting this together and for hosting the session.

The slides are available here.

00:05 “Thanks everyone for joining”
00:10 Academy updates
00:20 Our first external projects
00:40 CLA process improvements
02:00 Documentation as Code (presentation)
03:55 Introduction
05:20 What does “Docs as Code” mean?
11:40 Benefits for writer and developers
14:30 Benefits for Organisations or projects
17:20 Challenges, for writers and developers
20:42 Additional benefits commentary
25:10 Using branches for versioned releases
27:00 Using a portable format
29:30 Docs as code for collaboration
30:30 Automation
32:00 Change tracking

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