Office Hours 14 June 2024: Vale for testing

This week, we take a look at Vale for implementing documentation tests.

Canonical’s style guide and Vale rule-sets: GitHub - canonical/praecepta

Huge thank you to @evilnick for putting this together and for hosting the session.

00:05 Welcome
00:10 Updates
03:05 Vale
05:23 Intro to Vale
07:30 Using rules
08:50 Checking a file
10:08 Text and source code support
10:35 Checking a web page
12:00 Using more than one style guide
13:00 Google styles and rule-sets
14:50 Vale inside VS Code
18:00 Inside a rule
19:00 Example testing Ubuntu version codename
20:00 Example testing for the same word twice
21:40 Regular expressions
25:00 Question: LLMs and testing
30:00 Example of a bad rule
35:00 Search and replace in neovim
37:00 Vale and testing
41:00 Vale and testing writing complexity

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