Nvidia driver specific flutter bug

I wanted to highlight that flutter apps don’t start on systems that have Nvidia card, but have forced Intel GPU from Nvidia prime settings.

Here is the upstream issue https://github.com/flutter/flutter/issues/76178 – Just posting here so it gets better attention from the Ubuntu Desktop team as well.

Is this only via flutter run or does running the built binary also fail?

If it’s just with flutter run, can you please try the flutter snap from the edge channel?

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Just tried, it seems the compiled binary starts fine. Also refreshed flutter from edge and now flutter run works fine as well. Thanks a lot.

Great, thanks for testing that!

I think it would be very pleasant to have that fix in the stable channel somehow.

From my testing it doesn’t effect older Ubuntu releases, just Impish. We haven’t finished testing this on all the other distros yet, but working on it.

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Separately I think we should do some sort of Flutter Apps competition. Build flutter apps for the Linux desktop and win $


Even better would be to build flutter apps that work on Ubuntu as well as other desktop platforms. A major value proposition is targeting multiple platforms. So I’d like to see a competition that includes Linux, Windows and Mac desktop platforms.