Not able to configure Raid in Ubuntu 16.0.4 LTS

I am trying to configure raid in Dell workstation 16.0.4 installed with Ubuntu 16.0.4 LTS. in the hardware side,i am able to configure raid 10 in Intel RSTe SATA Controller and it working as expected. But the correct size is not getting listed in Ubuntu, as well as all the HDD’s involved in the Raid is also getting listed there.

Currently i am configuring Raid 10 using 4 number of 4TB HDD. the usable capacity should be 6.91TB . But in Ubuntu, i can see all these 4x4TB disks visible, as well as i can see different volumes like 3.2TB(/dev/dm-5), 1.6TB(/dev/dm-3) and 1.6TB(/dev/dm-1). Out of this 3.2TB, i can format and mount. the other volumes, i am getting error while formatting. how do get full usable space(6.9TB), to be mounted in ubuntu.

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