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Some background: I’m not a network engineer, software engineer (designer??), or any flavor of computer wizard. After having a mysterious disaster with Windows 10 I was told by a “friend” that I should switch to Linux and that Ubuntu would be the best choice. Not knowing any better, I took the bait.

Using the documentation on the site for creating a thumb drive with Ubuntu 20.10 on it, I completed that process and even used the drive on what was left of my Win10 system. Everything seemed to work just fine. Fooled me.

I moved further into the process and did a full install. At the end of the install (and it was rather quick, I must admit) I received an error notice that various “pkgs” could not be installed. Yet, everything seemed to work very well. Again, fooled me.

After finishing the install I wanted to use some of the “easy” features of Ubuntu. You know, like installing Ubuntu friendly software that I had been using on my Win10 machine. Good luck with that. Every time I tried to install something I got an error message that the program “was not compatible”. First recouse was the Internet, of course.

Lots of information on the Internet on “how to fix” this issue or that. Absolutely none of them has worked. Not one.

During my research I discovered that one can play Windows based games on Ubuntu. Ok. Let’s try that. PlayonLinux, “not compatible”. It didn’t show up in the list of “Installed” software. But, lo and behold, when a search was done for the software there it was and it was supposedly already installed.

I have spent hours dealing with issues like this. Software has not been installed. Software that’s supposed to be available doesn’t even show up. And even Steam doesn’t work.

Honestly, if I had known that there would be this many problems installing Ubuntu and getting to function I would have learned to live with the Windows problems. I can also honestly say that I cannot and will not recommend Ubuntu to any of my friends. It seems that the documentation has been written for those who are experienced with software installation/management/troubleshooting. It is not for beginners.

Thanks for the effort but, I’m simply going to drop the cash for another computer.

I completely understand Linux being more complex for people who have not used it before. Even after 10 + years of using it as my primary OS, I still think that certain aspects could be better ( drag and drop support ).

As for setting up Ubuntu on one’s PC, there are at least 5 technicians in our area who make a living by fixing other people’s computer problems. I am not the one who did electrical wiring for my house, neither did I do the plumbing nor do I fix my hair once a month.

When people say I couldn’t do it, it is not always the other person’s fault. If we do not know how to cook, try the nearby hotel.

What else can I say. :slight_smile:

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Are you sure you’ve installed the latest version of Ubuntu and that you have a 64bit system?

Well, since we’re being honest. I’m glad you have learned that you have a preference. That’s a good thing for a person to know about themself.

Ubuntu has never claimed to be a drop-in replacement for Windows, nor has it ever claimed to work in a Windows-like manner, nor has it ever claimed to run most Windows software. We have been quite open that much hardware and software that works properly with Windows is incompatible with Ubuntu.

Lots of folks have no problems at all with Ubuntu. Some folks do. You are not the first to be dismayed that your Windows skills avail you little on Ubuntu. You are not the first to rebel at the thought of so much re-learning ahead of you to make Ubuntu work.

You are not the first to overlook the vendor-customer relationship determined by the purchase price, and to mistakenly regard yourself as a customer of Ubuntu instead of a participant.

We hope you fare well.


I don’t recall writing anything regarding Ubuntu being “a drop in replacement for Windows”.

Regarding the numbers who “have no trouble” vs those who do, it is doubtful anyone knows those numbers. However, after getting blindsided by an installation failure that Ubuntu obviously knew/knows about an Internet search showed a rather large number of people having the same difficulty - in 2020. That would suggest that maybe some action should have been taken to fix or even minimize that issue. From the search results I’ve read no such action has been taken, even to this day. As a matter of fact, there are multiple pages of repeated suggestions on how to fix the problem with repeated complaints that the suggested fixes were not working. That, at least, should have caused some action to establish an effort within Ubuntu to find out what, precisely, what was happening and why with a concomitant fix. Obviously, that has not happened.

As for most having no problem, if that is an acceptable measure to determine the success of the company and its products then they are never going to reach the level of success they seem to want.

Finally, I highly doubt that my laptop is technically incapable of running Ubuntu 20.10. Test use of the thumb drive install proved that to be correct. Since the problem was known to exist last year, there should have been some warning that it might happen. As it stands, it appears I now have a rather expensive paperweight.

Can you at least link to what the problem is?

The problem is an installer crash error when attempting to install 3rd party software. Ubuntu’s own bug reporting system indicates 130+ instances of that error.

Supposedly, it is a spurious error, but I can tell you it is not. My install has zero software available from the software library (?), embedded videos don’t play (no compatible software or codecs found), attempting to install ffmpeg requires a disc as it fails attempting to install from USB, etc., etc., etc. Additionally, it is a hit or miss proposition as to what software that actually did install will work.

I am now on my 3rd attempt, today, to install without an error because I can’t edit my site or complete work projects with my phone only.

The fact is that the bug issues ought to be something people are made aware of up front. That way they can decide if they want to make that jump. I would never have made the switch if I knew this was even a possibility.

Your original post seems like a I’m-leaving-good-bye set of comments.

However, later posts seem to suggest that you want help instead.

Ubuntu has some really great sites for folks who want help. Unfortunately, Discourse has a different purpose. Seeking user-level help here at Discourse is misdirected, sorry. Support requests here will be closed – we encourage you to try one of the REAL support sites. The gurus there are great.

Discussing about whether folks-should-be-warned-about-bug-X is on-topic here…but it requires an actual, identified bug, to be useful discussion. The generally accepted level of detail is a link to the bug report. A description “The bug is about XYZ” is simply not good enough for us to understand what you want to discuss, sorry.

Ubuntu has millions of installs. If only 130+ folks have reported this problem. If only 130+ folks have reported that particular bug (whatever it might be), it unlikely any of us have encountered it. Help us to help you.

I gently encourage you to take specific errors and output to our help venues. Our amazing volunteer community, some with decades of experience troubleshooting, can do wonders to help you identify (and often fix) some pretty arcane problems.

I won’t close the thread quite yet, in the hope that you can provide a bit more on-topic reference or subject.

We continue to hope that you fare well.