Nocache don't work on ubuntu 18.10

nocache(package is in repo) don’t work on ubuntu 18.10
I made this bug report

Where is good place to ask for upgrade to nocache 1.1 version on ubuntu 18.10
nocache 1.1 is in ubuntu repo so it shouldn’t be hard :slight_smile:


The bug report is the proper place to report “don’t work”

You don’t ask for upgrading packages. Packages are automatically merged from Debian.

Your only input into the process is that volunteers do the Debian packaging. If you want a specific version, package it for Debian so it will merge into Ubuntu. Start that journey at


debian guy simple don’t want to upgrade that package as he don’t like ubuntu
he said that it is up to ubuntu as ubuntu didn’t test packages. And ubuntu didn’t found that nocache don’t work on ubuntu 18.10 but ubuntu still distribute it
So what can I do now?

I know that 1.1 is in ubuntu 19.04
but 1.0 don’t work in ubuntu 18.10 so I think 1.1 can be distribute with ubuntu 18.10

Sigh. Reopening.

“debian guy” does not upgrade the package in Debian. YOU do.

Um, you do realize the 1.1 is ALREADY in Debian and already merged into Ubuntu 19.04?

Asking for a version-bump in an already-released version of Ubuntu is very, very unlikely.

Look up how a Stable Release Update works, learn the process, and determine if your bug qualifies. That WON’T get 1.1 into 18.10. It will merely get the bug fixed in 18.10 with a patch.

Also look up how Ubuntu Backports work, and that process. This WILL get 1.1 into 18.10…but not immediately.

Those two links will tell you which teams you must subscribe to the bug report, and in which order.

Finally, please test 19.04 to ensure the problem is really fixed. The best time to report these problems, the time they will get fixed fastest, is before release.

I know this seems cumbersome - “do this first, read that, go there, touch second base.” Ubuntu’s user base is BIG, and Launchpad gets a huge volume of bug reports. Bluntly, many of those reports are useless, and their noise obscures your signal. Individual reporters (you) are responsible to make sure that the bugs are reported correctly simply because there are not enough volunteer triagers to do it for you. Turns out very few Ubuntu users want to volunteer that way.

The SRU and Backports teams, a mix of paid engineers and volunteers, gets far more requests each day than they can possibly address - so they address the problems that are most serious AND easiest to fix. Just like you or I would. It’s up to you to make the seriousness obvious to them (don’t exaggerate) and make the fix easy for them to implement.

I think you have reported a serious issue (thank you), and I think you have a good chance of an approved SRU. You must continue to push your bug…by pushing the SRU first and making the SRU team’s job as easy as possible.