Noble Numbat 24.04 Wallpaper Competition

Category: Nature


March 4, 2024 (UTC) - Submission Window closes and Voting Period begins.

Based on the timeline, voting should be open now, right? Sorry if it’s explained somewhere, it could be that I’ve missed it. Where or how does one actually vote?

We will stop accepting all submissions this evening and voting will officially being tomorrow morning. The voting itself will be in a separate linked topic.


That’s a wrap!

The submission window is officially closed. All submissions beyond this point will not be eligible for the competition.

We invite you all to now help us vote for the best entries that will make their way into Ubuntu 24.04 Noble Numbat. Click here to cast your votes!


HD here:

Many congratulations to our winners! Let them know how much you appreciate them in the voting topic!

Category Submission Author Final Vote Count
Mascot :star:WINNER - Fuwafuwa Nanbatto-san (Dark/Light Variants) @amaral 46
Mascot :star:WINNER - Little numbat boy @azskalt 41
Digital Art :star:WINNER - Province_of_the_South_of_France @orbitelambda 53
Digital Art :star:WINNER - Monument Valley (Arizona) @orbitelambda 50
Nature :star:WINNER - Mount Fuji, Japan @amaral 52
Nature :star:WINNER - Northan Lights @mizuno-as 45
Other :star:WINNER - Lightbulb Rainbow @audioaddict 39
Other :star:WINNER - Clouds @moka-hun

Congrats to all winners :trophy:

Thanks to all participants :crown:


10000x5622 / 96dpi


Congratulations to the winners :trophy:


Congrats to winners! :trophy:

Hope to win next time :smile:

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Wow, these competitions are getting better and better every iteration. The new wallpapers are beautiful.

On a sidenote: why is Sylvia Ritter’s art never considered? ( She has been making beautiful Ubuntu mascot inspired art since forever and her style is so unique that it is practically a USP in and by itself …

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Hi @TonyS
Thank you I agree.

In relation to Sylvia I wondered that my self when I recently saw it throught @aaronprisk twitter.

I love her art too.

I don’t think it is a question of being consider. She never submitted them for the competition.
Maybe it is related with the rules (do not add any watermarks, names or logos) or the licensing?


Absolute favourite so far!

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unfortunately i missed the date after i make some wallpapers

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Beautiful! Is there any chance you could share a dark version of this wallpaper? Maybe our friend numbat looking at the dark night sky?

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Thank you all for liking



The more opinions the better.

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I hate to say this, but the wallpaper competition ended a month ago and the winners have already been chosen.

Your art is neat though, especially the first one :slight_smile:

Thank you for letting me know, I had no idea.