Noble-mini-iso-amd64.iso doesn't work without DHCP

As per title,

As many others, I was hoping that I could use the new mini.iso in environments I don’t fully control and don’t offer DHCP for bare-metal services.

These environments are very common in “edge” setups where we don’t control anything in the network and we only rent out 1 or 2 servers in a specific POP.

With the previous debian-installer mini.iso, you could perform an installation over IPMI in such an environment. The ISO size was perfect, because it would fetch all components over the network, so you didn’ have to do Virtual Media on 2 GB ISO over god knows what kind of slow connection you might find yourself working.

The old mini.iso would also prioritize the Network Setup stage, where you could either go with DHCP, if you were provided with such a luxury, or… fall back to setting up the network right there in the installer.

I’m very disappointed to find that the new mini.iso does NOT provide such an option.

Further more, it seems that even if there is a DHCP Server, the ISO is unbelievably slow to do… well, anything.

After about 10 minutes, I was still stuck on this:

And keep in mind this is a server with 512GB RAM and 10Gbit network connection. It simply offered no feedback and nothing happened for 10 minutes.

How is anyone supposed to work with this?