No snap in minimal installation

That would seem right to me.

What do you mean by minimal installations and for which context?

Note we have Desktop, Desktop-minimal, Server, Cloud Images, Minimal Cloud Images.

At the moment, we require snaps on the first 4. And are in progress (unless already done) to not have snaps in the Minimal Cloud Images.

Wherever a minimal installation was offered, that meant no snap.
It’s a suggestion. As a user I don’t think snaps qualify for a minimal installation where deb packages exist.


I agree with the sentiment, but I think at the moment both desktop and desktop-minimal require / install snaps. And upon upgrades assistend by the upgrade manager deb2snap conversions are performed. One can have a minimal installation created with netboot d-i / debootstrap without any snaps. But experience there will no longer be the same. I shall double check how “minimal” is minimal-desktop, and if that could be done without snaps or not.

For some people “minimal” may mean “install only a couple of snaps instead of tens of apps like LibreOffice/etc.”