No release file for *eoan* in

This could be off-topic, but I’m unsure where I should direct this to, thus my reason for here. Feel free to tell me where to go :slight_smile:

I’ve been noticing 2-4 enquiries per day (in recent days just on askubu alone) regarding eoan not having a Release file on

(contrast Index of /ubuntu/dists/eoan with Index of /ubuntu/dists/disco or any other release)

Yesterday I asked on IRC (#ubuntu-website) where I should direct query, but no response yet. It’s not important, but can or will this be fixed… I’d like something to reply [on support requests beyond just known & close-vote]

The questions get closed as off-topic (eoan is off-topic on askubuntu unless question is specific to moving to a supported release; these questions never are so get closed), examples maybe

I’ve also noted them started appearing on UF too (& IRC) [though of course some will be the same people]


I tried to upgrade and was bitten by this. Without this file, is there a path forward?


a workaround is proposed by fratellonero :wink: