No progress indicator

Hi, wondering why there is no progress indicator while installing Ubuntu. I am doing this for last 15 minutes and no idea what the status is. I love the new install animation, but some indication on how much done and how much left would be great.

VirtualBox_Ubuntu Mantic_26_07_2023_18_35_37

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Hi, you are absolutely right that it would be nice to have some indication of progress. Unfortunately, the best we can do for the time being is to present the output of the backend as it doesn’t provide us with progress information. You can access the log view from the button in the bottom right corner.


Appreciate the response. My machine is decently fast and it took considerable time to install it. I think people who try on their old machines and slow internet are going to feel bad when there is no end to the process.

It is very helpful to have the terminal view. Not sure how many of the non-advanced users will be able to spot it or make use of it.

If possible estimated time or percentage completed would be a great addition to the installer.