No low battery notification in laptops

I wonder why Ubuntu does not provide low battery notifications by default. I was using 21.04 on a laptop and noticed that battery is close to 10%. That too only because I enabled battery percentage from " Settings " manually.

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IIRC it notifies at 5% by default … (it surely does here)


I thought going that far will be a bit too dangerous. Normally plugs in the charger by around 15%. Thanks.

Maybe toying around the values on path below, with DConf Editor, might help? Just be extra cautious.


Obviously, only helpful if GNOME is in use.

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I am not looking for support. Only amazed by the fact that I received no low battery notification.

Thanks for the tips. I did something similar and got myself a couple of scripts for battery full and battery low notification. :slight_smile:

Today I’ve got the battery notification on 10% battery level on my Ubuntu 21.04. The related settings are default.


Low battery on my Laptop is very important to me !
This should always be Automatic in Ubuntu initial setup which for years
has been awesome including the battery saver !!!

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