No low battery notification in laptops

I wonder why Ubuntu does not provide low battery notifications by default. I was using 21.04 on a laptop and noticed that battery is close to 10%. That too only because I enabled battery percentage from " Settings " manually.

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IIRC it notifies at 5% by default … (it surely does here)


I thought going that far will be a bit too dangerous. Normally plugs in the charger by around 15%. Thanks.

Maybe toying around the values on path below, with DConf Editor, might help? Just be extra cautious.


Obviously, only helpful if GNOME is in use.

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I am not looking for support. Only amazed by the fact that I received no low battery notification.

Thanks for the tips. I did something similar and got myself a couple of scripts for battery full and battery low notification. :slight_smile:

Today I’ve got the battery notification on 10% battery level on my Ubuntu 21.04. The related settings are default.


Low battery on my Laptop is very important to me !
This should always be Automatic in Ubuntu initial setup which for years
has been awesome including the battery saver !!!

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For me it plays an urgent-sounding “ding-ding” sound when the battery gets to 5%, but only if I have nothing open in fullscreen (like a game or Firefox with YouTube playing), because then the notification and its sound are simply suppressed.
And 5% is quite low, as I then have to immediately jump up and grab the charger and plug it in om both ends, just taking it out of its bag already takes too long and the laptop shuts down.
That notification should take priority and play even when other audio is playing and be shown even when something is in fullscreen.