No Graphical OEM config, for end-user, firstboot for Ubuntu Desktop Flavour

Ubiquity, is the desktop installer used by the Ubuntu Desktop flavour.

It has an OEM config mode, which allows to configure the installed machine, and put it into “firstboot” experience, which then runs a slimmed down Ubiquity to perform end user configuration on first boot.

However, recently, gnome first user setup experience can accomplish everything what oem-config has been doing; and it does so with slightly nicer UX.

I am considering to rework OEM Config feature, for the Ubuntu Desktop flavour, such that whilst the install & oem-prepare stages are the same; for the first-boot user experience doesn’t use OEM config at all, and only uses gnome-first-user setup one.

Also, it will mean that the Pi Desktop images & HyperV gallery images also will simply boot to gnome first user experience.

OEM config will remain there, for other flavours that don’t have or don’t use gnome first user setup.

What do you think about this?