No dedicated uplink interfaces detected, skipping distributed networking

I have 4 shiny new Ubuntu Server 22.04 mini pcs with dual NICs.

One NIC is connected to the internet to serve general traffic. The other NIC is connected to a private switch that only the 4 nodes are connected to, and each is configured to use the private NIC for traffic between the nodes.

When I did the microcloud init step, though, I got a message, No dedicated uplink interfaces detected, skipping distributed networking.

Is there some sort of preparatory step that I missed so the init step would treat the 2nd NIC as the uplink interface?

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I just found so it is apparently a known issue?

The thread mentions requirements for the OVN nic identification, my internal network config doesn’t apply because I have assigned IP addresses to the card.

It also hints about maybe an appropriate netplan configuration as a solution, if there is a netplan config that I can use for the card, I’d love to give it a shot…

Hi @dnebing
I replied to your other thread about MicroCloud networking here:

Hopefully that will help to explain what is happening here.
For the OVN uplink interface they should either be a bridge or be an unused (no IPs) physical interface.