Nm-applet bug in 16.04

I have this issue and I found that a bug already exists at least 6 months ago. Also, auto reporting in Ubuntu reports sends a report every day as well.

The issue is, if you suspend the laptop and come back, the wifi icon in the top bar is gone. I guess that is what you called the nm-applet. You cannot choose which WiFi to connect, disconnect WiFi or anything related to network connections.

I get it. There are volunteers who have a lot of things to do and all. But this bug is around since more than 6 months now. But, I have to go to system settings > network every time to deal with my wifi connection. I am doing it since more than 6 months now. Is there any chance highlighting here would make the fix any faster ?

It might if you gave us a bug number to look at :slight_smile:

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I did notice the bug report at the time I tried to solve it. But didn’t notice the bug entry details.

I just found something similar dated 05/16

Thanks @popey