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hello to all,
My name is Nico, I am 30 years old, I am Italian and I live in Salerno, I have been using Ubuntu and Debian(testing) for years now so as to gain some experience
Over the years I have always tried to contribute both on the Italian forum

I continuously contribute technical support (where I can) on Italian IRC support channels like #ubuntu-it and #debian-it of the latter I’m moderator…

I contribute to various translations and projects on launchpad

I hope you will accept my request so that you can contribute more and more to this fantastic community
Contributing to the project of a python-bot on :

For contact:


can testify my contribution @nhaines

Hello Nicoz, and thanks for joining us on Discourse, and for donating your time and skill to both the Ubuntu and Debian projects! We’re happy to have you in our community. Once you have a few testimonials, be sure to add your name to the Membership calendar to sign up for a membership board, which is the last stage of your membership application!

@madhens unfortunately I don’t have permission to edit the page … wiki id: nicoz91

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Nico has been a constant presence in the Ubuntu Italian forum, on IRC, and worked very hard to make sure GNOME Software is translated for Italian. He is polite, patient, and eagerly helps others where he can. He’s been involved with Ubuntu and Debian and is an asset to our community.

I’m happy he wants to continue participating the Ubuntu community and I think it perfectly reasonable to formally recognize his contributions thus far.


Hello! Sorry for the delay - that was on my end! You’re approved to edit the wiki now. :+1:


Congratulations nicoz :smiley:
A warm welcome to our Ubuntu Member; request granted :smiley:

-it’s all about contributing-


Nicoz is the number one!
Great experencied in python programming and networking in general.
Great gift in motivating people


few words for nicoz:
very active user in IRC channels, always available calm and patient, also very experienced 10
the-Wailers :blush: :rofl: