Nfs-kernel-server error ubuntu 18.04.1 server base



i have encountered an error when i restart the nfs-kernel-server this is the error message below

this what inside the /etc/exports


when i restart the nfs-kernel-server it gives me a notification that the job is cancelled.

$ sudo service nfs-kernel-server restart

and this is the output when i restart nfs kernel server

$ Job for nfs-server.service canceled.

how to fix this? is there a missing package dependencies that are required? is there something wrong with the entries on /etc/exports/ ?

also installed the following

nfs-kernel-server package
nfs-client package

thank you in advanced.


the error was due to copy/paste directly from notepad to the terminal putty. i’ve manually added the entries on /etc/exports now it works. thanks :slight_smile:

Glad you figured it out. Next time, try Ubuntu’s excellent support venues: .

This particular site is more about coordination and discussion of the Ubuntu project.

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