News For Unity - 1

Hello everyone.

Based on the current status of the remix / flavor development, I have three important things to say to you:

The first is that Ayatun was terminated due to a lack of interest in the project, which compromised its initial objective.

The second, the ISO beta was removed from the air due to long-term unfeasibility in the project.

Finally, I am ending my participation in the project due to the disagreement of some members in relation to the conduct and objectives of the project in the near future.

All artwork produced will be taken down on Google Drive today. However, if anyone wants to receive them by e-mail in order to continue to follow the development, send me a private message to grant all the material that was created for the remix.

Well folks, that’s it. I did what I could, and I wish good luck to those who continue to develop and maintain the graphical interface.

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I searched this instance for ‘Ayatun’ but didn’t get any hits (Does the search feature work?). What is/was Ayatun?


Hm. I don’t know Paul, taking a quick look at a couple of the subjects, it seems pretty dated. Some from 2010.

Ayatun was a support server on Discord.

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