Newest XPS 13 developer edition laptop comes with a 10th Gen i7 ( 6 cores) & Ubuntu 18.04.3

Barton George unveiled the specs for the newest Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop with Ubuntu 18.04.3 preloaded. Introducing the XPS 13 developer edition, 9th generation.


Nice rig — Just wish I could afford it. :wink:

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Has anyone installed Ubuntu on the “normal” XPS, other than this “developer edition?”

Hi @chanath, do you mean the Windows version? If so the Ubuntu LTS iso that Dell packages(in the developer edition) has additional software and drivers than the standard Ubuntu iso. I know some people in the past couple years have reported issues with WiFi but I believe Dell fixed that when they added their firmware updates(fwupd) to GNOME Software Center.

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