Newb install realtek driver updates

Hi all, ok so im a complete noob with ubuntu and learning as a I go but thought I’d share this for potential ref and help to others

installed lunar on an older laptop I have and all appeared to be aok but the wifi kept dropping out and I couldnt restart it without a reboot, quite a bit of googling later and I think the issue was around the realtek driver for my RTL8188EE, a bunch of guides required some command line fault finding options that I had to install which was ok when the connection was up but frustrating when down

this has been a learning curve though and used commands I’ve never come across in any linux type usage to date so all good but this link helped so sharing for future refs

Darn it, issues persists :frowning:

using nmcli con show and nmcli con up ‘netname’ I can try to re-initialise the wifi but the activation fails as the SSID cannot be found

down the rabbit hole I go :slight_smile: