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Oh right, I forgot it for a second, sorry

That is a funny story…

So we are now very close to the upstream themes (except colors, sizing, roundings and the inverted headerbar colors). But the upstream theme only provides styling for all default widgets that come with Gtk. When gtk app devs need a custom widget because a widget they want/need for their design is not in the toolkit, they need to make a custom widget and thus need to provide custom STYLING inside their app. So there is often a css file loaded after the global stylesheet is loaded which can add custom widget styling and/or overwrite the default styling (sadly also often overwrites not-upstream-styling, but that’s a different topic). Anyways… so nautilus has this custom widget name “nautilus pathbar”. Since this widget does not exist in the toolkit they needed to add custom styling. but it is only loaded if the current stylesheet is “Adwaita” or “Adwaita dark” (the upstream stylesheets). So we needed to copy this custom css out of the nautilus repo and put it inside our app stylesheet.

So to add something useful … we should fix this upstream :slight_smile: and then adapt again to it in yaru.
Do you only mean the double border glitch (which you can fix when focusing in and out of nautilus and which is … as descibed… also happening to Adwaita/upstream)?
Or the fact that there is a big entry through the whole window?
If the latter… that’s actually the upstream design for this spefific app. We do not do “App design” here. We provide a stylesheet for ubuntu, which only changes colors, sizings and roundings.

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The current light shell theme is optimized for the use at day (as the light gtk theme… except… the inverted headerbar).

What you probably want is a global decision between a fully light theme and a fully dark theme, like you know it from Android 9+, Websites like Youtube, Reddit or Twitter, Windows10, MacOS and iOS, right?

There was a big talk at GUADEC about this topic and eventually this is happening upstream, but I don’t think this will happen soon. The only thing that is really supported is having a -dark version to prefer in your app, like in media apps (videos, eye of gnome… and so on). So if carlo can find a solution to put this inside the yaru toggle extension? Could be a solution we could propose upstream after


Yes, i mean that there is a big entry through the whole window. I liked how it was in Disco Dingo. For me this one is distracting. Maybe if it behaved on click as if Nautilus does when you press Ctrl + L, it would be a little bit more justified. :thinking:

Aye, me too. Reminds me of Radiance Light theme.

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When using Yaru-dark theme, cursor is invisible in Gedit.

The same Yaru-dark in Arch Linux with Gnome 3.34 below. The theme works correctly in Gedit too and the cursor is blinking in white. (You can’t see it in the screeny, though)

In Ubuntu Yaru-dark is not consistent across apps as seen below.

You can see how snap Chromium appears in Yaru-dark here.

It would be great if you could open bugs light this

Reporting this type of problems as a bug only leads to an argument, rather than getting solutions.
Do you know where is the last one, which you replaced, btw?

However, bugs reach the right people to be fixed, while discussing here it might get lost.

Did not get this

Reporting bugs as a bug only leads to an argument. FTFY

The standard argument, after all. Not the solution. The bug reported “got lost,” as it is not favourable. Anyway, someone else had reported the same, in a different way. Let’s see how long it’d be there.

I did it, so that we can work on it properly

I know you did. You even mentioned this. But, where is the original?

I am also mentioning about another bug on the same lines from someone else too. (#11) If I “report” this one on Yaru-dark, the result would be the same. So, please report it yourself. You have Ubuntu Eoan so you can reproduce it, I suppose.

It appears that Ubuntu doesn’t know what it has as system extensions (at least one), who actually maintains it (and why). The thinking behind it is given in his blog (in Spanish) and in Git Lab page.

“The extension ID is supposed to be unique.” says @jbicha. True enough, but can carry any name, and that name is not a bug. Best always is to reproduce the matter and see.

Let’s try to clarify, because I don’t understand what you are saying.

Here I was referring to the problem you reported about Gedit with dark variant in this specific topic.

Except this, I don’t know which “original” you are talking about.

It is gone from ubuntu-bugs-gnome-shell, pal. Your modified version is there. I’d think twice, before posting a bug any more. There are so many themes available out there, if one doesn’t work. Most Linux users would do that. But, they’d first complain that the default versions don’t work.

This is true, but please don’t mix problems. The issue about Desktop Icon NG doesn’t have anything to do with Yaru.

You do the bug posting. You replaced one.

Yeah, Yaru developers are replacing your bug reports, Mark Shuttleworth is deliberately trying to kill Ubuntu desktop by not using D2P and your dog is methodically planning to kill you. You’re right not trusting anyone, pal.

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Who cares what you think. @c-lobrano knows and I know.

The worst are the yes men. They think they help, but…

You got better eyes?
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