NEW Ubuntu images on Intel processors

Canonical and Intel released production-ready Ubuntu Linux images on Intel silicon.

The new images cover the Ubuntu family of flavours, with Core, Desktop and Server editions. The Ubuntu Desktop operating system powers millions of PCs and laptops and is certified on hundreds of workstations from top OEM vendors. Ubuntu Server is a version of the Ubuntu operating system (OS) bringing economic and technical scalability to public and private data centres. Built on snaps packages, Ubuntu Core is a version of the Ubuntu OS designed and engineered for IoT and embedded systems.

The production-grade family of Ubuntu images are available on the latest Ubuntu Core 22, Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 and Ubuntu Server 22.04 for a broad range of Intel hardware, namely the Elkhart Lake line of processors, Tiger Lake, Ice Lake and Alder Lake S and P.

By adopting the long-term security-maintained and supported Ubuntu on Intel’s processors, enterprises can focus on what drives their business and redirect resources towards core value-add activities.

Read the press release, download the latest Ubuntu images, register for the upcoming joint webinar between Intel and Canonical, share your thought below and get in touch if you are working on a commercial project.