New Ubuntu Community Council Elected

Thanks a lot everybody for voting for the new Ubuntu Community Council. The election ended last week and the results in all detail can be viewed here.

The new CC for the next two years is going to be:

Thanks a lot to everybody else who stood for election.

We are going to transition over in the coming days.

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Congratulations to everyone in the new Community Council. Make us proud! :smile:

Congratulations to everyone! Let’s make Ubuntu great again :smile:

Just remember that the Community Council only has the authority granted them by the community of Ubuntu Members.The Community Council ultimately represents those members. Without input from members, the Council can do very little.

That said, let us (CC and members) make Ubuntu great again. :slight_smile:


Congratulations to everyone.

Nice to see you in #ubuntu-meeting on Thursday, not seen the CC meeting for a long time.

I was less enthralled to see people going on about how wonderful video is - no it’s not. I find it extremely hard to deal with a few things there:

1 - people all have accents, not always easy to comprehend what they are saying
2 - people all have mics set at different levels - spend more time setting volume locally to first hear someone and then not to deafen myself with the next person
3 - glad you’ve got time to watch and listen to someone - I’ve not, reading is much much quicker - and you don’t have to deal with points 1 and 2 :wink:
4 - you won’t transcribe them, or if you do it’ll be days after the event
5 - if members of the community want to come by to talk to you and they don’t have a camera, they are then in the position of hoping that one of you notices them typing, eventually answering (and if Ubuntu hangouts are anything to go by) way after the point the ‘typer’ is interested has gone by.