New system sounds in 18.04?

Hi everyone! :grinning:

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How did you get the sounds:

  • I got the sounds with the Community Theme PPA
  • I installed the sounds from Github link
  • I didn’t try the sounds yet

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What do you think of the sounds?

  • They are perfect!
  • It’s an improvement, but it’s not perfect
  • I like the old sounds better

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Did you add the startup sound?

  • Yes
  • No

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What do you think about the volume of the sounds compared to playing music/youtube/…?

  • Too low! They should be amplified
  • Too loud! Turn them down please
  • It’s fine
  • I didn’t think about that

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Do they differentiate themselves from other products?

  • NO! They sound too Windows-ish
  • Yes, a perfect capture of the african spirit
  • Maybe not unique, but at least different enough

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Just realized today that under Settings > Sound > Sound Effects is a volume slider for alert sounds. The old defaults were ugly and very loud, and the slider (I’m pretty sure) defaults to 50% volume. Turn that puppy up to the max and the new sounds are pretty loud.

Check to see if you are over amplifing too.

As told on, I’m currently getting progress on the snap.

I suggest that we do the same than for the other projects and move it to the ubuntu github namespace, mind doing this?

Note that I’m settings org.gnome.desktop.sound input-feedback-sound to true in the gsettings schema for the session. Agreed with that or you prefer I default to false? (This is the part which can’t be in the snap, so hard to override afterwards).

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Really? I hope not… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m interested in using the theme, but not the sounds.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear using the technical “override” term which means something else in that context: a gsettings override is a default value that a distribution can define (per session in the ubuntu case). This part needs to be installed in a directory that is only accessible to Debian packaging (not snaps) as it’s system-wide.
So, I meant that changing those default values will be harder (per policy) once the release is out and can’t be controlled from the snap, hence we need to get it right, now :wink:

However, any user can change the gsettings value and select their own sound theme or anything else (we don’t lock down the key of course).


I feel like this could do with a poll to get general opinion so people don’t feel like they have to Like other posts… Obviously this is purely advisory and not binding in any way…

Should the new system sounds be included in the Communitheme session snap?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’ll give my reasoning - I vote yes because I think the sounds can be considered part of the Communitheme. It’s a part of the new feel of the desktop under the Communitheme! :smiley:

If folks like Joey want to disable them post-install that’s fine, if he blogs about the Communitheme snap he can include the command to turn the sounds off :slight_smile:


@madsrh: agreed that I’m using in the snap, which combines booth your woodenbeaver and that startup sound?


Yes :+1: (sorry for the slow reply)


Hi @madsrh : I’m happily installed 18.04 + the communithem snap (wow!!!) a little question though…
Your sound-them is not working for me :cry:
Where can I find it and how can I find the culprit?

Great option, makes good sense!
On the other hand, not all of us (especially those of us over 60) are as mature as your students!
Personally, I’d like to see a Ubuntu Settings Menu of “Sound Theme Options”.
For example, 20-30 various sound themes such as:

  1. Star Trek (original)
  2. Star Trek (other)
  3. Star wars
  4. 2001 Space Odyssey
  5. etc.

If you’ve installed the snap they should just work, except for the startup sound. You have to set that manually (check the GitHub link above).

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My bad, the scale for event-notifications was off. :blush:
All is well and Awesome as in 17.10, Thanks @madsrh.

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geez, it’s still a must have thing but devs just don’t care. i have to add on my own the old ones and force the startup sound after every reinstall to make the system much comfortable.

Just for fun:


The new one is fantastic.
Sound themes are very under utilised , they give the user an emotion attachment and the right theme will let every one know you are using Ubuntu.


I tried to change default alert sound through ‘settings’. My pc had lost all alert sounds and login sound.

I don’t know what happened. Is there any way to retrieve the login sound ?

@madsrh: is it possible to relicense the sound theme to CC:BY-SA 4 instead of 3? That will help in minimizing licenses version between Suru and yours :wink:

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