New subiquity release incoming

Hi all,

I’m planning to make a release of subiquity in the next couple of days. Any testing any users can do of the edge snap (instructions for testing edge) would be most appreciated. The draft release notes for this release are:

  • Configure cloud-init for first boot tasks in a way that will not get confused by a “cidata” partition containing autoinstall config (LP: #1879103, #790)
  • Upgrade curtin, which fixes handling of partition flags on some existing MSDOS partitions (LP: #1878890)
  • Fix detection of UEFI ESPs on disks with MBR partition tables (LP: #1879376, #777)
  • Make the generated autoinstall file be acutally valid (LP: #1879708, #768, #769)
  • Default to LVM in the guided storage screen (#767)
  • Start in a very basic (no unicode, no colour) on serial and offer upgrade to “rich” mode (#778)
  • Changes to make the codebase more translatable (but no improved translations, yet)
  • Offer languages that cannot be rendered on the linux console over SSH or in rich mode over serial
  • Do not set preserve_hostname if there is no hostname defined in the autoinstall config (#763)
  • Do not create crash reports if not in a live session (#765)

for the Ubuntu Server Team