New screenshot UI in GNOME 42

New screenshot UI in GNOME 42 is a beautiful tool but being started by pressing print screen I lost the IMMEDIATE screenshot I had before.
Before I had an IMMEDIATE screenshot pressing print screen, now I have a window where i can select selection/screen/window so i waste time and maybe the screen i wanted to record has changed.
PLEASE move the new screenshot to an application as it was before to keep the IMMEDIATE screenshot or launch the new UI by pressing alt+printscreen or shift+printscreen and keep printscreen for IMMEDIATE screenshot.

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Actually, it does capture the content at the time print screen was pressed. When the UI is displayed, it is a capture at that moment in time as a preview of what will be saved. We are considering proposing a fast path option though.

As ken said, once you press PrintScr it will grab the latest frame and you’ll be able to tune it.

Pressing Enter will just save and copy it. Maybe it could be tuned to make it quicker to take a full-screen screenshot.

Otherwise, use Shift+PrintScr to grab the whole screen immediately or Alt+PrintScr to grab the focused window.

Those settings are tunable (so that you can set the default to use the previous behavior) from dconf/gsettings at