New Pronouns field on the Ubuntu Discourse

Hello folks,
Based on recent community feedback, we have added a new, optional Pronouns userfield on the Ubuntu Discourse. This is a simple way to let others know your preferred pronouns and how you would like to be addressed while communicating on the platform.

How to set your Preferred Pronoun

Adding your preferred pronoun is easy, simply browse to and look for the pronouns field.
Please note this field can be changed at any time.


Once your changes have been saved, they will appear in your Discourse card as shown below:


A Community for All

The Ubuntu Community is dedicated to creating a welcoming and respectful space for all to participate in. You can read more about our commitment to diversity here.


This feature makes me so ecstatic to use. I am Non Binary and go by they/them and I am glad to be able to proudly display who I am.