New LXD image server available (

@equator8848 that is correct. Ubuntu server/cloud images are available from the various builtin remotes like ubuntu:, ubuntu-daily:, ubuntu-minimal: and ubuntu-minimal-daily:.

There is an exception for Ubuntu desktop images that are available through images:.

I can use lxc launch ubuntu-daily:focal to use ubuntu cloud image, but the image has a critical bug of cloud-init. Cloud-init status always reporting running · Issue #5304 · canonical/cloud-init · GitHub :smiling_face_with_tear:

Any way to download previous version of Ubuntu cloud image? thank you


you can install previous versions of the image using its fingerprint/sha256.

For example:

# SHA256 for "ubuntu-focal-daily-amd64-server-20240531" container image
lxc launch ubuntu-daily:004d24eef2e5b4c145038dc15bdade445a57991bfc6a33262a725d509bb33ef4 c1

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of a good way to quickly find the fingerprints.
You can go to the product catalog (JSON file) of the given remote (here is ubuntu-daily). The fingerprint in field combined_squashfs_sha256 is for containers and in combined_disk1-img_sha256 is for VM images.

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I would personally like to have Lubuntu, and Edubuntu. But probably it would be useful to have all the official Ubuntu Flavours.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: