New feature: Ubuntu Snapshot Service

The Ubuntu snapshot service makes it possible to see and use the Ubuntu archive as it was at any specified date and time. Snapshots of the Ubuntu archive are available for any date and time after 1 March 2023. This means that you are able to enable the service on the repositories and use apt to query or install packages as they were at any recent date and time.

Common use cases of this service include:

  • enabling reproducible deployments of a set of packages as at a particular date and time;
  • determining when a change in behaviour occurred in the archive; and
  • supporting a structured update workflow, for example where a snapshot is validated in
    one environment before being released to other environments.

Snapshots are supported in Ubuntu 23.10 onwards, plus on updated installations of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (apt 2.0.10) and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (apt 2.4.11). We intend to ensure snapshots are available for dates up to at least 2 years in the past, which we may extend if there is demand.

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