New desktop installer, will it support btrfs and subvolumes?

Hi, my curiosity is if Canonical/Ubuntu on the new installer will support Btrfs with subvolumes and some of its features.
With ubiquity being Ubuntu’s installer to date, support is minimal (create root and home subvolumes).
It has a bug that I reported some time ago and not yet fixed, with the swapfile.
Also soon Btrfs will have native encryption support, which might be interesting to create subvolumes per user, and that’s what they want to do on Fedora (pending btrfs upstream).
Support for reinstalling Ubuntu would be interesting, keeping the subvolume of the user home, just rename the subvolume @> @_backup, and create a new subvolume @ and copy the installation into it, without formatting.
The Btrfs developers are also working to solve the problem of the Raid 5/6.
Also, are there any other design improvements that will, if I understand correctly, also solve the problem of quotas ?
It would be very interesting if Ubuntu had advanced support for Btrfs with the new installer.
Thanks for the work you do to make Ubuntu easy for new users.


Got a source for this?

please excuse the delay.

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