New communitheme name poll

I looked through the community interviews on
@didrocks’ blog, really liked a lot of the theme names everyone there suggested, and thought I’d see what you guys thought of them. Vote as you wish; just making this for fun!

  • Yaru
  • Orenji
  • Atmos
  • Muutos
  • Dewy
  • Enviro
  • Fuscus
  • Ravus
  • Orbis

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I like Yaru and Orenji.

New name should be a tribute to the communitheme designers.

So ‘Alliance’ is also a suitable name.

Alliance :- a union or association formed for mutual benefit.
a relationship based on similarity of interests, nature, or qualities.

Alliance - Ambiance - Radiance - similarity to pronounce. Each word has 8 letters :thinking:


Cannot votey anymore :frowning:

Because they settled already on “Yaru“

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