Nameserver setting keeps reverting

I just built a new Ubuntu 18.04 server and am having a problem I’ve never seen before. I configured the server for a static IP during install, and part of that was setting the nameservers. However, every time I update or reboot, the nameserver setting get changed to I have no idea where this stupid setting is coming from. Is there some other place where I should be changing the nameserver setting besides /etc/resolv.conf? is the systemd-resolver DNS resolver. To see which DNS servers it is using, run:

systemd-resolve --status

It should be using the ones you specified. If not, then how did you configure the nameservers? In a file in /etc/netplan, or something else?


The Community Hub is not the best place for support questions. For questions like this I suggest going to Ask Ubuntu or the Ubuntu Forums.

As ahasenack has alluded to, networking configuration has changed between the LTS releases and the behavior of /etc/resolv.conf has changed.

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. I thought the Ubuntu forums was were I was posting.

Following your link brought me back to where I started, and there is no place to post such a question in that forum. That organization is really confusing. I don’t know who decided such things. It looks like it was organized by council, which never gets things done right.

Getting back to the issue. systemd-resolve --status came back with a bunch of things, but nothing regarding the nameserver setting. I found using systemd-resolve --help that it has a command to set the dns servers, systemd-resolve --set-dns=, but it just comes back with some nonsensical lines of text and doesn’t seem to change anything.

This site is for the co-ordination of the Ubuntu project(s), and not support.

For Ubuntu Support options, please have a look at (which list the forums & ask ubuntu already provided, plus others)

I followed the @powersj provided and arrived at the Ubuntu Forums. Yes it has a “community” connection that links back here (for people, or community related things), but it also contains links to wiki (documentation), ask ubuntu (support), has its own support & discussion forums, plus many other resources.