My Lubuntu crashes

my lubuntu crashes when certain programs are running, my computer meets the requirements of lubuntu, I researched some forums and found a similar case, the recommendations they gave is that they install the last lts that would be 18.04, I installed the last lts but the error occurred again and I missed the lxqt my solution was to install the lubuntu 18.10 i386 so far i have not had problems, but with this issue of removing this architecture it leaves me worried. Does anyone know a problem for this problem?

Hi! Have you reported your issue to


Hello @eeickmeyer, yes but they said to go in a lts version but the flaws continued, i checked the CPU usage and noticed it was 100% just with a program running many times firefox

The reason I asked is because, if you look at the top banner, this is not an area for technical support. Please stick to and the discussion going on there. :slight_smile: There’s also the IRC channels if you wish to try that.

Thanks and sorry, I’m new here and I do not know how it works, I’ll delete this topic

Thanks to @wxl, who has pointed out:

Since there are more appropriate venues for this problem, closing this thread.

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