My hello to the Ubuntu Community

Hi… I just came to say hello. I am now here, part of the Ubuntu Community.

And how I got here, eh, funny story.

I first used Ubuntu on a virtual machine when it was like 15.05 or something? or 16.04? I can’t even remember.

Years later I have a laptop that can actually dual-boot it. So I chose a linux OS for my computer work.

And how I got to Ubuntu, was so funny!

I thought that I should not pick Ubuntu, I thought even though I liked it, it didn’t work.

So, SemiCode OS. Nope. Backfire for “its just fedora”

And I chose Cinnamon. That is when I learned that desktop managers and os’s are different.

Just wait until I hate dnf, and why risk mixing package managers?

So I was wrong. I just went back to Ubuntu.

Whatever. Hello anyways.