My Battle with Cancer

Its taking some time but I am working on getting a chair from the local cancer community at the hospital. I cant do much until I get a chair.



Khurshid is too busy right now to help me with a refresh.

I am trying to install unity to 19.04 using cubic but its not there in repos.

  1. Is it there?
  2. What sources. list to I have to edit in to pull it… or do you know.

3 hours today so far on the machine … ouch.

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Download the deb from here for disco,

Try not to tire yourself!

I forget how to install the installer frontend.

A little rusty here. :slight_smile:

It’s ok. I got it. Little more complex as gnome develops

Dale! How are you doing these day, mate?

As much as we love Unity DE, your health should be your first priority. Thanks for all the work you and your team have done for the Unity community.

Best regards


Hello Dale and everybody!

I just want to thank you and everyone who made Unity DE possible! It changed my life and I can’t go back :slight_smile:

I send you all my energy and wishes! No matter what, your work and effort will be here forever :slight_smile: Unity forever!

@dale-f-beaudoin Prayers. :frowning:

How goes it friend? I know we don’t know each other, but I came across this post a while ago, but haven’t had the right words to say. Although everyone else here has done this already, I just really want you to know someone is right NOW: thinking if you, and praying for you.
remember that
keep your head high, and comment back if you need some random banter.

Is there anyone here, who live in Windsor, Toronto? Maybe visit him to check on him?


Nobody know anything on dale’s status?

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Anyone living in Toronto, Canada? His address can be found in
Maybe, someone visit him?

Or, across the border in the US? No visa is needed to travel to Canada.

I’m personally too far :frowning:

Anyway I’m happy and grateful that we care and appreciate what we love and use!

For me personally Unity DE is important as breathing air or drinking water!

I send love and gratitude to everyone who made Unity DE possible! Also deep respect for all Unity DE users!

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@chanath I just saw this! I live in Toronto and know of an acquaintance in Windsor. Bad time to go to check on someone though, for obvious reasons. Anyone heard from Dale recently?

Well, it’s not going to be simple to track him down - there is 49 dale beaudoin’s in Windsor alone, and many more in the surrounding area. We don’t even know if he lives in the city or in the surrounding area. The best thing would be for someone to contact the telephone numbers one x one, perhaps. It’s a long distance call, So, not sure if I want to take that on. I don’t really know the guy, he was here briefly when I joined, before becoming ill. This is the first time I heard that he lived in southern Ontario.

I’ll send you a PM on this.


Well Dale, anytime U+1 will come up again?

To @dale-f-beaudoin I wish you a quick recovery. Get well soon, I would love to see you speak up again about Unity desktop. Thank you.

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