My Battle with Cancer

Good to hear the good news, ventrical.

Great to see you writing something - good news Dale.

Good man, or woman :+1:



The myloma cells are in remission. That means that actual cancer cells are bing killed and flushed from my system. The areas where the dead cells were are being replaced with calcium. There are lesions where there used to be breaks and these will not mend so I take another chemo called Aridia which helps strengthen the bones.

During my review I was advised that I will be doing chemo another 8 weeks. This is becasue I am a good candidate for bone marrow transplant. The bone marrow regiment is being pepared which will be to help sustain the remission! Perhaps ready after the 8 week prolonged chemo cycle of biophosphimide, Velcade and Dexamthasone, and Aridia. It’s not an easy ride at all. There is enough pain reduction that I can write this message. :blush: Wow . Thanks for all you comments. Thanks for all your comments. Soem one asked if amn or woman . I am a man. Orginally 6’3" now 5’ 11" because of 5 pulverized disks. Talk about being cut down to size. :slight_smile:

Thanks all of you.


I just have not been able to post when first hearing this news, too affected by it.
But Dale your size is huge when measured with character, I’m happy to hear that there has been good progression. All the best my friend!

Hi 1fallen,

Good to hear from you my friend. It was like lightning out of the blue. Thank God for Anna Maria for saving my life. She insisted I have the CT scan. And then, from there, the MRI. The tumor seemed to focus on the lower thoractic with they used radiation treatment to irradicate. But there were many other lesions plus the pulverized disks and spine segments. I had been working like this for some time and did not even know it. It was lifting an old HP monitor that caused the dislocation in my spine which led to the MRI and the subsequent pics from that. I wept.

Now I am weeping at the ourpouring of prayers from the persons and loved one’s in my local community and the prayers and good intentions from the ubuntu community. :blush:

Thansk you all.


Hey Dale

some contentious issues to read whilst going through another round of chemo…:wink:

my submission report for the DTCA review.

Hey Dale

it does get better mate and focus on the future…concentrate on something you can do to challenge the boundaries of computing and work through the details one step at a time…and don’t ever give up your fight.

I’m 6 years out now from my Robotic Surgery for Localised Prostrate Cancer, I know how it feels with what you are going through.

Hi All,

It’s been a while since I logged in so I am still a little rusty. Looks like bone marrow transplant is not going to be for me but I am never going to say never. I am feeling a lot better sticking to my chemo and all and it looks like a long reminment but i am coming up to par.

Of course I want to extend my deepest apologies to all the ubunt-unity community who are currently maintaining any aspects of unity-desktop if I have been remiss in my communications. I have a serious RSI problem that I am struggling to get out of and so I am on a pain control regime to help that out but I do not think I can commit more than 10 hours when I am ready commit so on a weekly basis .

I’ll also first need to upgrade my glasses and get a half decent working chair (in the works). sigh.

I am still asking for prayers my friends and I extend my prayers and heartfelt intentions for those of you who have had to suffer any ailment such as with cancer.

Kinds regards to all



Thank you for sharing your courageous story with us!



The main thing is for you to heal, never mind unity and the community. Take care of yourself first and foremost, and best of luck.


mprovements and good luck! The Unity session is good for use!


Hello i am only new to the forum and ubuntu and i have noticed the post I would like to say as i am sure i would not be alone in saying that i wish you all the benefits which could be hopeful giving the circumstances that the journey that you are facing at the moment giving glance at the symptoms you are facing and also the challenges of it I can wish or hope for nothing that your life may get more easier and continue to be as the same quality mind and spirit for takes a great thing for someone to be able to share with many people and i can only guess dale-f-beaudoin that you have a great character and i hope with it that you don’t loose it anytime soon and i wish i could say more but i don’t think i would have the right things to say dale-f-beaudoin but i can only hope that your doing as well as you could be given the premise of symptoms but to say be well and the heart and spirit that you have i can only say you have been a milestone to many dude.


Hi Pete,

Thanks for the kind words. :slight_smile:
Just an update. It has been a while since I posted. I just replied to Chanath that things are somewhat improving .

I am trying to work on getting a special chair where it would make it easier for me to type but there is an expense there that I cannot afford. If I can get a good working chair I may be able to contribute further to unity dev. In the meantime I just want to say I am getting better very slowly

I want to thank everyone for any prayers or good intentions any of you have offered on my behalf. I believe that prayer works and so thank you all.



Keep getting better, that’s what’s most important! Hope that you get well fast and fully!

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All the best for the holiday period. It’s always good to hear from you and I hope that the improvement continues.

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Hi Dale,

I hope that you’ll get better ASAP, Happy holidays mate!

Hoping here you’re on the mend. Take care Dale.

Happy belated holidays to you all.

Things are picking up for the better. I am getting lots of rest and lots of recovery going on with my back. The cancer itself is not much of an issue atm but I am taking it one day at a time.

One of the things I was doing before I discovered I had a tumor on my spine was a lot of heavy work in landscaping and being manager for a grass runway that was built for ultra-light planes. Also a lot of carpentry work and running heavy machines. I just loved working on the runway in the open fields of River Canard in Essex County, Windsor Canada. Little did I know that after several years of operating this one machine , a Gravley lawnmowing machine that about 5 of my spine in the T vertebra were broken along with 2 in the L vertebra. I have had surgery 6 months ago but there are some parts that they could not put together. The bone dead tumor on the left side of my spine rests up against my spinal chord and when I lift my arms to type or move mouse it can be very painful.

But I tell you all it is getting better slowly but surely. It is just a matter of inches in getting my chair
, keyboard and mouse adjusted. I spent about 6 years surfing about the Ubuntu forums and contributing as best I could and learning lots of stuff from you all.

My heads-up plan to the unity dev group is preparing myself to get back into contributing mode. It would be like 5 minutes on , 10 minutes off starting for an hour, then perhaps a couple hours a day etc.

I have been a computer junkie long before Bill Gates was (1963) working in my father’s repair shop on my TV service repair apprenticeship ( I was 8 years old) working on old IBM mechanically operated calculating machines. I’m not about to give up now, especially with Ubuntu and Unity which provides the best operating system on the planet!


Thanks for all your prayers all the best this new year!



Take care and get well!
Hope to see you back pretty fast…