Murilo's introduction

Hello, volunteers, canonicalers and the community in general!

My name is Murilo Loffi, but you can call me Loffi, Muri or Murilo. :smiley:

Right now, I am at my trusty desktop workstation, at home, in Southern Brazil, in a town called Tubarão. I started using Ubuntu in 2015 as a daily driver. So I believe I am a spawn of Trusty Tahr. Haha. I have been using an Ubuntu derivative as a daily driver since then. I am here primarily to interact with you, be it making questions or providing help with anything, really. Just a couple days ago, before I was able to introduce myself, I helped a fellow user who didn’t know how to create a new introductory topic. :slight_smile: But what I am also here for is because I applied to Linux Desktop Support Associate, unfortunately today I received an answear that I am not progressing in the application progress. Nevertheless, I am here at your disposal. :slight_smile:

With all that said, what’s the best topics for a newcomer to the community to cover?